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Billboard Marketing


Digital billboards deliver maximum creative flexibility and immediate starts. Incorporating multiple styles of messaging – advanced graphics, animation and/or full motion video – while accounting for daily rush-hour and other congestion-inducing events, these gigantic screens demand attention from all angles. Real-time information, such as weather, traffic or sports updates, can also be included to encourage even more focus from passersby.

Billboards set you apart from the competition by building credibility and brand recognition. Billboards serve as an important top-of-funnel channel that increases the effectiveness of your other marketing channels.


Help Your Audience Find You

Digital billboards help with the first step of your marketing funnel, brand awareness.

Advertise When and Where You Want

Blip allows you to choose your desired locations, set your schedule, and adjust your budget to match your marketing needs.

Improve Your Marketing Funnel Conversion Rate

Adding different channels to your marketing improves conversion and creates more leads.

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