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  • Jay Copes: An Authentic Artist Looking to Provide a Missing Perspective

    by Devyn Imholt Photo: @karl_fashion_photographer Jay Copes is an artist hailing out of Camden, NJ, who creates a unique blend of hip-hop and RNB that he affectionately calls “love and pain music.” Jay has been independently releasing his emotionally riveting music since 2011. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jay about his life, his music, and his dedication to delivering a quality product to his fans. As a child, Jay gravitated towards music even as those around him did not. Jay started playing instruments around fifth grade, when he brought home permission slips out of his own interest. In elementary school he sung in the chorus as well as playing drums, the flute, and violin. As he got older, Jay turned his attention towards sports, playing in high school and eventually walking on and playing football at Delaware State University. After attending the university for some time, Jay realized that even while in classes or at practices, that his mind “kept coming back to music,” ultimately leading to his decision to leave academia to pursue music as a full-time career. Dedicating his life to music gave Jay a renewed focus. He began to work with Climax Ent/Tru Sound Studios, finding a space that allowed him to create and expand as an artist. After finding out that his longtime girlfriend was pregnant with twins, Jay felt the pressure to succeed, returning to the studio and asking God for a sign. This turned into the 2019 single, “Signs,” Jay’s biggest song to date. “Signs” has amounted over two million streams and has been promoted by the likes of industry legends Fat Joe and DJ Clue. Jay used the video for the song as an opportunity to create a timestamp in his life and career, proposing to his girlfriend on the set, and including the scene within the video.“Signs” allowed Jay to create a foundation for his career, showing his fans what kind of person and artist that he wanted to be from the very beginning. In the years since, Jay has released numerous singles including 2019’s “Remember,” 2020’s “Unsure,” and his most recent release, 2022’s “Don’t Cry No More.” Jay’s singles are an introspective look into his life as an artist and person, discussing his come up, love life, tribulations, and triumphs. Sonically, Jay wants to be a multi-faceted artist, citing that he is inspired by artists like Drake or Akon that refuse to be boxed into one genre. Jay wants his audience to truly feel his emotions through his music, intentionally making his songs about romance poetically intimate while his dance songs are unapologetically energetic. Jay is an artist who is passionate about his music, his image, and his impact. Jay seems to have a clear focus of who he wants to be and where he wants to fit into the hip-hop and RNB landscape. However, while music is his passion, being an independent artist is not easy. Jay discussed with me an unreleased track, “Almost Famous,” that discusses his predicament of being nearly famous. Jay described it as being “that close,” having the issue of being in exclusive events with celebrities while still having to fly home in coach. Ten years into the game and Jay’s drive has remained steadfast, describing that every day he wakes up still feeling that he’s “right there.” Jay is a husband, father, and the youngest of six kids, meaning that success for him is about more than image and money. Alongside his own twins, Jay has twenty-three nieces and nephews, and he wants to make sure that he is truly leading the next generation as a positive role model. Jay wants to demonstrate to them that following your passion and staying true to your character are fundamentally important. Jay is speaking his own truth, providing to hip-hop what he describes as a “missing perspective” in the genre, that of a supportive father and dedicated partner. When discussing his 2022 and what fans should be looking forward to, he confidently replied “music, music, music.” Jay has been in a phase of creation and is finally ready to share these new creations with the world, ensuring that he has only improved as time has gone on. When discussing his future, Jay cited artists like Future or Lil Wayne, who have been known for frequent releases. With a string of recent singles, he added that it could finally be time for a Jay Copes full-length project. Jay is someone who resonates with his passion for his work. Jay truly feels that he was put on this planet to make music, and this was evident in our discussion. Jay’s “love and pain” music is unique in the way it is able highlight both his vocal talent and lyrical prowess. By staying true to his upbringing, character, talent, and vision, Jay Copes is looking to take his career to the next level. Follow him and listen to his music here.

  • “I Care." Kenyon Glover is a Celebrity Who Truly cares About His Impact

    by Devyn Imholt Kenyon Glover is an actor, author, philanthropist, model, athlete, motivational speaker, and minister who recently released his third book “Faithful & Focused Volume 1: Conqueror” on January 3rd. I had the pleasure of speaking to Kenyon about his latest book, his careers in basketball and acting, his battles against depression, and his goals for the future. Kenyon Glover was raised in Monroe Louisiana. He grew up heavily involved in athletics, primarily focusing upon martial arts and basketball. He was a good student who maintained a high GPA, resulting in him playing basketball at and attending the University of Maine. After college, Kenyon went to England to play basketball professionally before realizing his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, being signed by the Milwaukee Bucks. Kenyon’s dreams of playing in the NBA were tragically cut short as he had a career ending injury only three months after being signed. This took a toll on Kenyon’s mental health, as depression surrounding his future without basketball led to attempted suicides. Despite the lows, through faith and hard work, Kenyon would be able to come back better than ever. Rather than dwell on his past, Kenyon felt spiritually uplifted, noting that it “wasn’t his time” and that “God had a purpose for him.” After basketball, Kenyon delved into the world of fashion as a model. By a chance encounter, Kenyon’s career path would take a surprising turn. Supporting a friend, Kenyon attended an acting class that happened to be short on people that day. Kenyon offered to step in and was surprised by how much he took to it. Signing up for the class, Kenyon “caught the love” of acting, eventually moving to LA to pursue it as a career. Kenyon’s career took off as he began to work behind and in front of the camera. Beginning with an independent film called “Chip Factor” in 2007, Kenyon has now acted for over a decade and has credits in 69 different projects. Kenyon has acted in everything from films, to television shows, advertisements, and video games. Behind the scenes, Kenyon has 23 credits as a producer and six as a director, ranging from shorts to series. Kenyon received his degree from Maine in Business Management and always had the personal goal of building a business. He established KGXperience, an entertainment company, and KG Films, a media production company, companies that he is looking to continue to build and expand upon in the future. Kenyon is a difference maker. His personal success means little to him if he is not having an impact on others. Beginning his Faithful & Focused brand, Kenyon has begun to use spirituality and faith as a means to spread his story and inspire others. Religion has played a profound role in his life, as he explained to me, that by remaining close to God in tune with his spirituality, that he “no longer suffers from depression and hopelessness.” Faithful & Focused is a ministry, an apparel line designed by Kenyon, and it is also the name of his book series, created in order to “uplift spirits.” Kenyon describes the current state of the world as “broken,” his hope being that his books can help people who have also undergone battles with mental health. Kenyon described himself as “compassionate about humanity.” When asking him about his long-term goals, he explained that one of his biggest goals is to play a role in decreasing suicide rates. Kenyon survived his battles with depression, but he knows that there are many people who will not, and he will do everything that he personally can to help them overcome their trials. Kenyon created an initiative called “Fitness Beats Depression,” inspiring people to use exercise as a healthy means to deal with depression. One of his upcoming projects is a documentary about mental health, another step Kenyon is taking towards increasing awareness and advocation. “I care” he emphasized to me. I ended the interview by asking him what his advice would be to those who may be struggling with anxiety or depression. “You aren’t alone. Keep believing in yourself. You aren’t taking up space, you have a purpose. You have to find your gifts and talents and stay away from the world’s pollution.” Kenyon Glover is a multi-talented and multi-faceted celebrity who is truly passionate about making a difference and using his story to inspire others.

  • The Most Powerful Species on Earth: Women

    by Delvon Johnson As far as I’m concerned, women are the strongest individuals on this planet. It’s no secret that they don’t receive the credit that they deserve, and are undermined when it comes to the workplace, rights, equality and the credit they truly reserve. I can probably write a whole book about their accomplishments and achievements that they have contributed to the world, but that would be more than the world could probably handle. So, let’s just start with humanity. There would be none if women weren’t in existence. Women are responsible for the birth of men and women. So, while men try to take dominance in so many ways, the truth of the matter is men wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for women giving birth to them. Period. Men perpetrate through their masculinity that they are stronger than women, but the truth of the matter is that men can’t endure 10% of the trials and tribulations that women have gone through in the past, are going through in the present, and will go through in the future. History proves that women have broken barriers that men couldn’t even come close to breaking, and they continue to do so. Women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, and Michele Obama, just to state a few. Not to go too graphic into what women must endure on a monthly basis with menstrual cycles, but the intensity that women have to undergo through pregnancy to give birth is a vital example in itself of what would be impossible for men to withstand. As men, we will never know the anguish that they go through just for that aspect of their lives. Not to mention the men that leave them desolate to raise their children as single mothers. The struggle is real and real women deal with this in real life every day. Perhaps if men knew this, they would respect and treat women worthier. In the 21st Century, regardless of how men attempt to downgrade their work ethics, capabilities, and trailblazing, women still strive for excellence. These are women from every shape, color, size, and race. They fight for what they want and feel, and most don’t give up until they accomplish their goals, despite the uphill battle. Their determination is unparalleled. They have evolved into doctors, lawyers, congresswomen, mechanics, corporate executives, CEO’s, business owners and so much more. In 2020, the United States was even graced with a woman elected as the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris! Women continue to strive no matter what, because they know where they have come from, where they are going, and their self-worth. Men in power consistently downplay what women are capable of, but they know. It intimidates them because it’s really all about power, and most men feel they are more powerful than women perhaps due to the emotions that women portray. But what most men fail to realize is suppressing emotions is a sign of weakness, and only the strongest individuals are the ones that can share their emotions, and THAT is the secret to enduring, strength, and power. And this is just the beginning. There is so much more to come from women and I am looking forward to seeing so many more amazing achievements.

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