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  • Floyd the Mogul: A problem solver looking to shift the entertainment landscape.

    When Shawn Floyd, aka “Floyd the Mogul,” began to formulate his business ideas, he was merely sixteen years old. A former childhood actor, Floyd knew that he wanted film and television to be a part of his future. However, these were not his only passions, nor his only goals. On a piece of paper, Floyd wrote out his ideas for a company called United Entertainment, ideas that laid the foundation for a successful and impactful future. Floyd would spend many years working in the music industry, under labels like Atlantic and Warner, and with a variety of artists from Halsey to YG. He developed a new form of digital marketing, “harvest integration,” that allowed him to specifically target people whom he felt could be potential consumers of the specific song he was promoting. He explained that “if you reach the right person with the right product, you get the right results, this person becoming a fan, you make a connection.” This strategy helped a variety of artists to boost their streams (specifically on YouTube) and rocket to the top of charts and trending pages. However, rather than simply boosting streams with his campaign, he was able to create a database of likely customers, in his words, “capturing that virality, that viral effect, and turning that into a fanbase.” His success led to the creation of United Entertainment, a former idea, now turned into a physical company. He emphasized to me that his methodology has been so effective that he has been encouraged to “keep quiet.” “People planned on keeping me locked away as their secret weapon they wanted no one else to have.” Throughout his success in the industry, he has gained little public recognition as a result of his former clients’ desires to keep him tucked away as the ace up their sleeve. Now, he is coming out and explaining his methods not only to receive his due credit, but to also encourage artists to branch away from the control of their labels and management. “Now the artists can have this secret weapon for themselves.” So, how does it work? We discussed one of his biggest accomplishments in the music industry, as well as the one he is most proud of, that of Saweetie and “Icy Girl.” He clarifies that when they began working together, “Saweetie wasn’t someone who was already famous or established, I was able to apply all of this from the ground up” (including creating her YouTube channel and filming the “Icy Girl'' video in his own home). “It transformed her to the point where she literally got a multi-million-dollar record deal. I saw this change someone’s life, it changed my life.” What he did was attach “tracking pixels'' to the video, allowing him to “capture the traffic of the people that viewed the video.” Through this, he was able to receive IP addresses that then gave him even further information, including how someone reacted to the video itself, and if they took further action with Saweetie’s brand. He then created a database of over 20 million “IP addresses” of people that reacted to the video (likes, subscriptions, follows, purchases, etc.), effectively capturing the people that made the song go viral. He kept this information, and continues to with every song that he has worked on. This means that he has information on large groups that allows him to accurately tell if they would be a consumer of the next song he works on (he may target a pop song to those who reacted to Halsey, a rap one to those who reacted to Kodak Black, and so on). Through this methodology, he was able to help Saweetie blow up while simultaneously laying the foundation for a method that could successfully do the same for other artists. The goal in all of this work was to take the middleman out of advertising. Through his methods he can directly target a device rather than having to work through websites like Google or social platforms like Facebook. “There was always something or somebody that was blocking artists from reaching their fans. I saw the internet as the Trojan horse to reach the world.” Through his work with a variety of artists and labels, he earned the nickname “the Ghost,” for being the ghost behind so many viral songs. “People needed me to be invisible. It’s time for me to step up and step out by simply just revealing what I’ve been doing.” Before Floyd began these campaigns, there was no platform to track analytics on YouTube, “I do believe that what I’ve done inspired YouTube to actually partner with Google to start making these campaigns.” Harvest integration was an idea that, at the beginning, few understood and many were intimidated by. Over time, as a result of its success, Floyd’s program has actually begun to change the music industry landscape as people try to emulate his success. Floyd is publicizing his past successes in the music industry not only to highlight his successes, but also to help propel his future endeavors. Through his connections in the music industry, Floyd began to meet and befriend people that could help him pursue his original passion, film and TV. He ended up living with Dana Brunetti, the producer of House of Cards, and befriending Jake Seal of Black Hangar Studios, as well as Cordell Broadus, the son of Snoop Dogg. Through these connections he was able to write and create two television series, Ground Zero and Model Citizen. “Model Citizen came because I used to be a model. I began to learn the fashion business and I also started to see the dark side…I wanted to tell that story, to paint that picture to talk about the other side.” Alongside the release of the show, Floyd is also releasing his own fashion line of the same name, another goal that was originally on that paper when he was sixteen. “The clothing line is Model Citizen. I wanted this to reflect the fashion industry, being a model citizen is not just for show, it’s a statement.” Ground Zero is the other show that Floyd is working on. The show is based upon lessons he learned growing up in his hometown, Long Beach California, “I wanted to tell a story of the good gangsters and the bad ones.” Abandoned by one of his writers, a chance encounter led him to Cordell Broadus, who had recently decommitted from a football scholarship with the goal of entering the film and TV industry. Of the show, he explains that he “wanted to tell a story of the good gangsters and the bad ones…I didn’t have the younger part of it. So, when I took Cordell’s younger side, it kind of gave it more depth.” He also had a deeper purpose that he wanted to tackle with Ground Zero. “I saw that there was this underlying racial tension that was building. I wanted to create something that would highlight the issue but then offer a solution.” Like with his work in the music industry, his success is not purely for himself. Floyd is someone who is constantly working to make a change and to have an impact, regardless of what industry or medium he is working with. From being a child actor, to a model, to a technological wizard advancing the music industry, to a writer and producer of films and television shows, what could possibly be next for Floyd the Mogul? “As long as there are ideas in my head, they’re going to keep coming out. I’m always going to make new technology to advance the culture.” Floyd discusses future ventures in film, including horror and romance, as well as in technology, discussing the possible creation of dating apps as well as holographic performances. There are also his two shows, that can run as long as his imagination does, and his new brand of clothing, Model Citizen. Between becoming a secret weapon advancing the music industry, Floyd created a brand, became a model, writer, producer, and is only getting started. These were all passions that he had written down on a paper at sixteen, all turned reality through dedication, vision, honesty, and hard work. This is merely the beginning of his run in the limelight, and before you know it, Floyd the Mogul will be a name we all know.

  • Interview With Frank Kelley Jr. - Southern Artist Recognized For His Timeless Artwork

    October, 2021 By Ariane Stein As time makes its way toward the shift into the new year, many of us may find ourselves reminiscing on what life was like a year ago, two years ago, and so forth. Perhaps you find yourself reminded of what you did to occupy those apprehensive months in 2020 when people all over the world were subject to remote academia and working from home; while the ambitious discovered new hobbies and gave Tik Tok a run for its money, it wasn’t seen as unusual to partake in more comforting and low-profile activities, such as binge watching Netflix while eating take out in bed. below: 'Construction' featured on above: 'Path of Righteousness' For Louisiana artist Frank Kelley Jr., solace was found in his dedication for producing expressive paintings that range across genres of portraits, landscapes, and creations of abstract and figurative art. This true southern artist produced such an impressive plethora of unique pieces during 2020 that collectors are being sought to invest in his work, granted the motivation of being generously offered up to half the price on original market values. Four paintings belonging to Frank Kelley Jr.’s Gallery are currently listed for this promotion, with the titles as followed: Carnival, San Marco Square, Body Electric, and Gem Tourmamine. Each individual painting has been originally listed at $3,000; those who take advantage of this brief inventory reduction will be able to purchase each painting for the price of $1,500, no additional fees included. Subsequent to having earned degrees in both Business Management and Fine Art, Frank Kelley Jr. embarked on his first and dearest mission to provide for his community in rural Louisiana. He volunteered at the elementary and high school once attended by himself, having recognized a necessity for creative education while witnessing the artistic talent possessed by the children of his hometown. Despite not having been exposed to the luxury of art education during his own youth, receiving a degree in Fine Art granted Frank the expertise and knowledge which he continues to share, especially in relevance to the nonprofit organization he founded in 2001, better known as the Educational 'Carnival' offered in inventory reduction Arts Initiative Program. EAIP enables the younger generation the opportunity to have developed profound learning experiences based on exposure to the arts; it is his hope to support these children in their artistic pursuits so that they may gain the confidence to become successful in art, as was the case for himself. “The environment that you live in has a lot to do with your creative form,” Kelley said during an interview with Labelladiva Public Relations Firm. He attributes much of his inspiration to his upbringing and life experiences that he prefers to share in paint; whether realist or abstract, he has found a way to speak his own language through this creative form. “People gravitate towards art without knowing why, because something lingers and they become attached without the use of words,” Kelley stated. He feels it is one of his utmost duties to impact the world in a positive manner, to bring joy and interest to the world, spark thinking, spur conversation, and to be seen as a light that shines as opposed to a dark place, all of which he is grateful to be able to do through the creation of each and every painting that he produces. below: 'Body Electric' Carnival, San Marco Square, Body Electric, and Gem Tourmamine can all be viewed on Frank’s E-commerce website, He will also be presenting his work during a live virtual art show that will take place at the end of the month, so that potential collectors may be able to experience his work at their own convenience. Each painting contains an authentic certificate having been insured by Frank himself, dated and signed. Each painting has also been custom framed and floated with a lifetime seal so that they will not weather over the course of time. Inquiries can be made by emailing Frank at; he is also available to speak over the phone if preferred. Payments can be made through PayPal, Zelle, Square, and cashiers checks, with shipping costs covered. “When someone purchases my work or accumulates my work they’re not only getting a piece that’s visual, they’re getting a large piece of me because my soul goes into each and every painting,” Kelley commented. His work has been recognized by collectors as deeply expressive and emotionally evoking; his work has been featured in Art and Antiques Magazine as well as in the permanent collection of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. Instagram: @frankkellyjr

  • Turning trials to triumphs…Gary Hill comes out of retirement to help the Dowe Twins

    The Dowe Twins are no strangers to overcoming adversity. Princeton and Brazil are 12-year old twins from the Bronx who were born prematurely, coming into the world with a combined weight of less than four pounds. Back in July of 2016 the twins created Water 2 Kids (W2K), a brand with the goal of promoting and educating children on the importance of water. In the midst of running their new venture, the twins were diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Unfazed, the twins began to reshape their brand and expand its message. Upon learning about their unidentifiable disabilities, the twins decided to place a new emphasis on spreading awareness. They created a documentary, The Dowe Twins New Faces of Disabilities, where they were able to effectively share their story and explain their experiences as children with unidentifiable disabilities. They also created a workbook series entitled “Think You’re Smarter than the Dowe Twins, Learning Through Trivia Activity Workbook Series” in order to exemplify that disabilities do not affect intelligence, rather, they simply change the way that you learn. The twins are working not only to spread awareness, but also to remove some of the negative stigmas around having disabilities. Water 2 Kids would prove to be one of their most difficult ventures. The business of bottled water, as described by their mother Alina, was very difficult (and expensive) to get into, “it’s not just the financial backing…it’s not just what you know but it’s also who you know.” W2K had been placed in a few different local locations for sale, including a certain indoor trampoline park. In February of 2019, the park was bought out, and in turn shifted from W2K to a larger, cheaper brand of bottled water. In early 2021, after sharing their frustration, the twins were introduced to Gary Hill. Gary had been in the water business for over twenty years. Upon hearing about the Dowe Twins’ struggles to enter the business, he decided to come out of retirement to help them grow and expand W2K. Gary has a niece who also has an unidentifiable disability, and the twins’ efforts to educate alongside attempting to grow their business was inspiring to him. He wanted to personally work to help the brand expand while also teaching the twins how to run a successful business, effectively passing his knowledge down to a younger generation. With his assistance, knowledge, and connections, the twins were able to secure a water manufacturing plant as well as to establish a sales channel distribution. W2K is now on pace to reach their goal of selling 150,000 cases of W2K water by the end of 2021. “I’m going to see this all the way through” Gary emphasizes. Gary’s decision to come out of retirement to help the twins is truly touching, but his dedication to ensuring that his efforts lead to success for all parties involved, is absolutely amazing. With Gary’s mentorship and industry connections, W2K has gone from a local brand to one that has the potential to fulfill the twins’ dreams of becoming a household name. Ultimately, the goal of the brand is to educate children on the importance of drinking water and valuing it as nature’s most important resource. As W2K expands, so does their message. The Dowe twins have been remarkable since the day they were born, and with Gary Hill’s help, it’s only a matter of time until Water 2 Kids is a brand beloved by children and parent alike, across the globe.

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