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Phyllis Everette

CEO & Founder of Saffron Trust Women's Foundation

"Saffron Trust Women's Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on changing life outcomes for women with significant needs that live in Central Texas. Our mission is to nurture trust so women can thrive. Since our organization's inception, we struggled to gain traction and build a successful brand; we experienced many trials and errors before gaining insights for our branding strategies from Labelleladiva Enterprises.


Labelleladiva Enterprises has been a gift to the Saffron Trust Women's Foundation.  Founder Yvonne Msdivadazz Forbes is a great publicist who carries out intensive and extensive research to conquer promotion challenges that hindered our organization's visibility successfully.


At Labelleladiva, they listened to our goals and aspirations and conducted a wide-ranging investigation on our market position, and they also made holistic recommendations to strengthen our brand on every channel. They have developed for Saffron Trust Women's Foundation to produce stunning designs and creative content work backed by a meticulous, results-oriented strategy. We are so pleased with the results and experienced a 50% growth in company partnerships in our first quarter because of Labelleladiva.


We are so appreciative and honored they took on Saffron Trust Women's Foundation as one of their clients."

"NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization!"

Adam Small