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Through street promotions, we can effectively promote and market your brand to a larger demographic. Wrapped vehicles, flyers, posters, compact disks and customized promotional materials are distributed to the consumer in an up close and personal way.


Outdoor placements can be cost effective while building frequency and brand awareness amongst our target market. The outdoor placements are cohesive with print campaigns. Outdoor placements include store kiosks, taxis, bus sides, bus stops, billboards, nightclub placements, and mall placements. There is a high frequency of outdoor advertising in order to reach the target market of consumers.

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Through Social Media. Clients can easily connect and communicate with consumers, fans, and socialites. It will also give full details on promotions and employ a viral campaign for your consumers. Print advertisement, 30-60 sec radio spots, and television commercials are also effective ways to get the word out about your brand.

Mobile technology has come a long way. We can now utilize our mobile devices almost in the same manner as we would our computers while on the go. With effective mobile marketing, we can send text messages, mobile contests, surf the web, get info on the hottest events, use GPS and scan barcodes in real time.


Websites, banner ads, Pandora takeover, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, YouTube and more… The internet is essential in the everyday routines of consumers. Their social lives, work, and entertainment all revolve around it, making the internet one of the most commonly used mediums. The online placements will include streaming online ads, traditional placements, banner ads and more.

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In any industry, change and adaptation are vital if you want to succeed and grow. Our ability to adapt to the trends of the moment allows our team to constantly create new, out of the box and interactive marketing ideas. The aim of our company is not just to see the expansion of your business, but also to expose your business to as many markets as possible. Through traditional, non-traditional and unconventional marketing tactics, we add a shock value to any campaign.

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