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Publishing & Administration

Music Publishing & Administration

Our highly trained Music Administrator has many years of industry experience. Administration, licensing, and royalty collection services are available to independent music publishers, songwriters, record companies, and artists.

Recording Music

For Writers & Publishers

  • Establish music publishing companies affiliated with the performing rights organizations.

  • Structure and review all music contracts to protect your interests.

  • Gather split information from all writers involved in new copyright.

  • Submit song information to Publisher, labels and interested parties.

  • Register all music with the performing right societies and the Copyright Office.

  • Work in Liaison with attorney’s and Publishing Company representatives to ensure the execution of publishing agreement with regard to minimum commitment and Delivery Releases, and advances.

  • Monitor the licensing progression of compositions, this includes help in resolving split disputes, sampling issues, acquiring producer agreements in order to facilitate a speedy licensing and delivery process so advances/royalties are paid in a timely manner.

  • If necessary, Review Past Catalog and Delivery Release Requirements with respect to Publishing Deals.

  • Monitor current Delivery Release Requirements to ensure advance payments/commitments are handled in a timely manner.

  • Point Person for labels and/or other interested parties with regard to writer publishing inquiries.

  • Collect foreign royalties for the performance of music outside of the United States.


  • Registration with Nielsen Soundscan for the tracking of Music Sales and Nielsen BDS for the tracking of Radio Spins.

  • Target P1, P2 &P3 as over time, listeners (subconsciously) learn the basics of your format clock, which trains them how & when to use your station.

  • Based on some real-life observations, these are ideas on how to create tune-in appointments with your occasional P2 listeners as well as your P1 audience  - and convert this into higher ratings, whether you’re in a PPM or diary market.

  • Document and track music used on TV programs and commercials to implement the collection of royalties.

  • Project and forecast potential music royalty income from your music activity.

  • YouTube Monetization Services

  • Issue quarterly accountings relative to all income earned through music publishing activities.

  • Serve in an advisory capacity in all matters concerning music business affairs and make recommendations to protect and increase music publishing income.

  • Assistance in finding unclaimed royalties.

  • Register with SoundExchange and monitor Performance & Mechanical Royalties.


Sports Publishing & Administration

Labelleladiva Enterprises LLC provides hands-on services ranging from the most complex of marketing, publicity, social media, personal branding and event PR. Our knowledgeable and experienced associates are experts in Entertainment and Professional Sports.

We specialize in the development and execution of personalized strategies in the areas of:

Sports Marketing


Event PR

Business Management

Foundation PR

Social Media Strategy


Crisis Management

Special Event Production & Management

We also offer each of our clients, personal concierge services through our exclusive affiliate partnership with external concierge.

Labelleladiva Enterprises LLC works to generate supplemental compensation to the athlete through marketing and endorsements, locally as well as nationally.  Our publicity department works with each athlete individually based upon a strategic, personalized plan to build and maintain a local and national brand.

Through our years of experience, we have garnered relationships with various advertisers and media outlets within the sports, entertainment and lifestyle communities. Our clients have been featured in national publications such as GQ, Complex, Men’s Health, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine and more. Our reach in the broadcasting community includes yet transcends the sports radio and televisions market into the world of entertainment and the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, FX, ABC, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, and SPIKE TV to name a few. Because of our longstanding relationships with the media, Labelleladiva Enterprises LLC has become the “go to” firm for professional athletes.

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