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Our client’s music is marketed to all formats to all levels of radio, including but not limited to:

A young woman talking on the radio

Internet Radio



iTunes Radio

iHeart Radio




On Demand

Yahoo! Rhapsody

MTV Radio

Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters

Radio Interview

College & Terrestrial Radio

Major FM – BDS / Mediabase Reporting Stations

Radio show microphones

Satellite Radio

Sirius XM

Music Choice

Along with a primary focus of monitored stations, we also service your music to Non-Commercial and Non-Reporting stations to ensure maximum exposure!

What makes this partnership different from others?

What makes this partnership different from others?


Most competitors advertise that they will service your music to thousands of radio stations. This is IMPOSSIBLE because there are many stations who only cater to a particular format of music. We, however, simply submit AIRPLAY for our clients on legitimately monitored radio stations that are verifiable by third party companies. These stations report radio airplay to tracking systems such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase,, and CMJ. In addition, they pay royalties to performance right societies such as SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC as well as report to various industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB, CMJ, DRT Top 200, DRT Top Independent Charts, and many others! Once the client’s music is “Approved” for air by the programming team, they will decide which submission will be included for each station. Client’s will receive a report of who has reviewed and played their music on a bi-weekly basis. Radio Campaigns include bi-weekly airplay reports, station list, airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. Stations that are monitored, pay royalties and contribute to all major charts including commercial and noncommercial radio. Labelleladiva Enterprises LLC cannot guarantee airplay nor the total number of stations for airplay per format as the music is selected at the discretion of the radio programming directors across the country and overseas affiliates.

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