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Eszylfie Taylor: The New Face of Financial Advertising

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

by Devyn Imholt

Eszylfie Taylor is a renowned financial advisor who has separated himself from the pack as a result of his accomplishments and radiant enthusiasm. His dedication and work ethic have resulted in an extensive list of awards and accolades, such as being ranked number four in Advisor Today’s “Top 40 under 40,” becoming a brand ambassador for Lulu Lemon, and being featured as the face of LinkedIn’s “In It” campaign. Eszylfie has been globally embraced as he has taught his trademark “Taylor Method” to over 100,000 professionals all over the world. I had the pleasure of speaking to him about his journey and his bright future.

Eszylfie was born and raised in Pasadena, California. He attended Maranatha High School where he was a four-sport letterman, being on the varsity teams in basketball, football, baseball, and track. Eszylfie was an excellent athlete and was honored for his success in high school by being inducted into Maranatha’s Hall of Fame in 2021. He bounced around a few different universities before he went on to attend Concordia University, on a scholarship for basketball, graduating Magnum Kum Laude with a degree in Business Management.

Eszylfie was drawn to business because success was linked closely to work ethic, rather than being based upon t other outside factors. He began his career by working as an agent with NY Life, staying with the company for thirteen years. He maintained a high level of success and became the top African American advisor in NY Life history by the time he was only thirty-four. Leaving NY Life, Eszylfie felt that it was time “to be the captain of his ship,” deciding to create his LA-based firm, “Taylor Insurance and Financial Services.” He has since become everyone’s go-to guy when it comes to finances; advising high-profile clients and traveling to teach his patented Taylor method. The Taylor Method’s success resulted in the establishment of the Taylor Method as a brand dedicated to teaching financial literacy, helping people all over the globe.

Although his work has led to acclaim, Eszylfie is focused on far more than just his personal success, he is focused on his impact. Eszylfie sits on the boards of the Rotary Club, the Ronald McDonald House, and the LA Children’s Hospital. Since 2003 he has created and maintained his own non-profit, Future Stars, a basketball camp for underserved youth. He has also organized annual charity golf tournaments and galas that donate their proceeds towards good causes. His goal is to teach others to pay it forward, allowing their own success to pave the way for others. He is tireless in his efforts to support young children through sports, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities.

One of the major keys to Eszylfie’s success has been his dedication to his physical and mental well-being. For over fifteen years he has been a yogi and yoga instructor, maintaining a daily practice and teaching at some of LA’s most popular yoga studios. The balance between mental and physical health is something that he prioritizes, taking time to utilize yoga to help him with both. Eszylfie is also the proud and dedicated father of three beautiful daughters, Nya, 15, and twins Shae and Zoe, 13. Being a girl dad changed him as a man and person, his goals as a father are to continually provide opportunities and unwavering support. Working hard to provide a happy and healthy environment for his girls, Eszylfie co-parents with his ex-wife, Kristen.

Eszylfie’s life will be on full display in the upcoming reality show “Mind Body Money,” on Impact Network, where he will provide fans with an in-depth look into his world. A lot of people get to see the “what,” the things he has, and the success he has met with. On his new show, Eszylfie wants to show fans the “how,” the work behind the scenes that has allowed him to live this lifestyle. The show will have an accompanying app that will have extras as well as functions to help its users track their mind, body, and money.

Despite his rightfully earned success, Eszylfie is never satisfied and is always working on the next project, constantly striving to improve himself and make an impact along the way. His enthusiasm for both business and life is truly contagious. Eszylfie explained to me that he “focuses on the process and detaches himself from the outcome,” allowing for his hard work to truly shine and carry him toward the path he is chasing. Eszylfie is a giver, using his own time and money to give back, and using his own knowledge to help guide others. With his extensive background, contagious personality, and rigorous work ethic, Eszylfie Taylor is rightfully becoming the face of financial advising in America.

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