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Founder of Saffron Trust Speaks on New Grant from Glimmer Austin

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

By Devyn Imholt

Phyllis Everette became the change she wanted to see in the world. She was raised by a single mother, and in becoming one herself, she recognized the challenges that come with raising children on your own. Phyllis found inspiration within these challenges, founding Saffron Trust, a nonprofit that helps single mothers by offering personalized care to help them overcome the difficulties that come with raising children on their own. Along the way, the Austin based company has garnered the love and support of the community as their efforts continue to have a real impact on the families they serve. Recently, Saffron Trust was awarded a $25,000 administrative grant from Glimmer Austin in appreciation for their impact on the community.

Phyllis emphasized that the people who come to Saffron Trust for help become “sisters and friends.” The Saffron Trust experience begins with a consultation where they create something called “a life card” that details their individual needs. From there, Saffron Trust acts as a hub to connect women with organizations that can help them, “advocating on their behalf.” Saffron Trust works with organizations that help with health care, domestic violence, food insecurity, employment, and mental health.

The 2020 COVID-19 outbreak changed the operations of Saffron Trust. “We were not a food distribution center,” Phyllis explained. To combat the increase of food insecurity that occurred as a result of the pandemic, Saffron Trust transformed and began to distribute meals at its three locations. “We are distributing over a thousand meals of food on a daily basis,” an extraordinary amount for a company that was not distributing food before the pandemic began. Saffron Trust also had to turn to virtual visits, as they could no longer meet with families in person. COVID-19 changed the way that Saffron Trust operated, but they were able to respond and adapt to the situation in order to continue to help people.

“We help anyone that comes to us.” Phyllis explained that the central Texas area is full of marginalized communities and that Saffron Trust is a company that is dedicated to helping any and every one that they can. When discussing the grant received from Glimmer Austin, Phyllis proudly proclaimed that “they saw the work we’ve been doing.” The impact that her company has had on the community is real, and so is the embrace they have received back. “Everyone loves us.”

Sharing a Saffron Trust success story, she recalled December of 2020. A silent funder was able to put a family who was homeless in a five-star hotel for three weeks, during the holidays. Truly a Christmas miracle. Her advice to single mothers who may be struggling is “that there are people you can trust,” even if there is not a company like Saffron Trust near them. Phyllis, her story, and her company are all amazing examples of what can happen when you find an issue in society and look to make a change.

You can support Saffron Trust at

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