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“I Care." Kenyon Glover is a Celebrity Who Truly cares About His Impact

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

by Devyn Imholt

Kenyon Glover is an actor, author, philanthropist, model, athlete, motivational speaker, and minister who recently released his third book “Faithful & Focused Volume 1: Conqueror” on January 3rd. I had the pleasure of speaking to Kenyon about his latest book, his careers in basketball and acting, his battles against depression, and his goals for the future.

Kenyon Glover was raised in Monroe Louisiana. He grew up heavily involved in athletics, primarily focusing upon martial arts and basketball. He was a good student who maintained a high GPA, resulting in him playing basketball at and attending the University of Maine. After college, Kenyon went to England to play basketball professionally before realizing his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, being signed by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kenyon’s dreams of playing in the NBA were tragically cut short as he had a career ending injury only three months after being signed. This took a toll on Kenyon’s mental health, as depression surrounding his future without basketball led to attempted suicides. Despite the lows, through faith and hard work, Kenyon would be able to come back better than ever.

Rather than dwell on his past, Kenyon felt spiritually uplifted, noting that it “wasn’t his time” and that “God had a purpose for him.” After basketball, Kenyon delved into the world of fashion as a model. By a chance encounter, Kenyon’s career path would take a surprising turn. Supporting a friend, Kenyon attended an acting class that happened to be short on people that day. Kenyon offered to step in and was surprised by how much he took to it. Signing up for the class, Kenyon “caught the love” of acting, eventually moving to LA to pursue it as a career.

Kenyon’s career took off as he began to work behind and in front of the camera. Beginning with an independent film called “Chip Factor” in 2007, Kenyon has now acted for over a decade and has credits in 69 different projects. Kenyon has acted in everything from films, to television shows, advertisements, and video games. Behind the scenes, Kenyon has 23 credits as a producer and six as a director, ranging from shorts to series. Kenyon received his degree from Maine in Business Management and always had the personal goal of building a business. He established KGXperience, an entertainment company, and KG Films, a media production company, companies that he is looking to continue to build and expand upon in the future.

Kenyon is a difference maker. His personal success means little to him if he is not having an impact on others. Beginning his Faithful & Focused brand, Kenyon has begun to use spirituality and faith as a means to spread his story and inspire others. Religion has played a profound role in his life, as he explained to me, that by remaining close to God in tune with his spirituality, that he “no longer suffers from depression and hopelessness.” Faithful & Focused is a ministry, an apparel line designed by Kenyon, and it is also the name of his book series, created in order to “uplift spirits.” Kenyon describes the current state of the world as “broken,” his hope being that his books can help people who have also undergone battles with mental health.

Kenyon described himself as “compassionate about humanity.” When asking him about his long-term goals, he explained that one of his biggest goals is to play a role in decreasing suicide rates. Kenyon survived his battles with depression, but he knows that there are many people who will not, and he will do everything that he personally can to help them overcome their trials. Kenyon created an initiative called “Fitness Beats Depression,” inspiring people to use exercise as a healthy means to deal with depression. One of his upcoming projects is a documentary about mental health, another step Kenyon is taking towards increasing awareness and advocation.

“I care” he emphasized to me. I ended the interview by asking him what his advice would be to those who may be struggling with anxiety or depression. “You aren’t alone. Keep believing in yourself. You aren’t taking up space, you have a purpose. You have to find your gifts and talents and stay away from the world’s pollution.” Kenyon Glover is a multi-talented and multi-faceted celebrity who is truly passionate about making a difference and using his story to inspire others.

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