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Melody Holt talks strength, entrepreneurship and independence

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Interview by Sharon O’Donnell, written by Devyn Imholt

With a background in education, Melody Holt became a successful entrepreneur long before she was a reality television star. Melody, who is the brain behind Love & Marriage: Huntsville as well as the host of Behind Every Man, recently began teaching a masterclass for entrepreneurial hopefuls on how to get into the business of property preservation. All while raising four children, Melody also found the time to record and release her debut single “Tell Tale Signs,” a personal reflection on her recent divorce. Melody sat down with Labelleladiva’s Sharon O’Donnell to discuss her masterclass and her single, as well as balance and perseverance as she continues to expand upon her success.

How does Melody juggle all of these careers while also raising a family? She explained that such multitasking abilities “took years of experience.” The main key to being able to be successful in so many fields at once is being able to “prioritize and put things in perspective.” This means that deadlines are the first and foremost focus of her energy, that by analyzing and understanding her various tasks she can delegate her time appropriately. “The success comes from learning to do that and being able to do that.”

How has Melody persevered through her recent divorce? She emphasized that it was “absolutely important” for her to keep moving on behalf of her four children. Melody is focused on the future, clarifying her belief that “as long as you keep moving and putting one foot in front of the other, you’re going to get somewhere.” Her debut single “Tell Tale Signs” became an opportunity to “release emotions.” She described the experience of meeting the people who helped her write the song, “we have all experienced heartbreak…that’s why we were able to put together such an amazing, amazing song that so many people can relate to.” When reflecting on the success the song has been met with, she commented that “for the first time coming out as a recording artist to receive an email from Billboard Magazine that it was in the running for the top twenty-five was absolutely phenomenal.” When asked if there will be more music, Melody confidently replied “absolutely.”

Melody’s masterclass, while only a year old, has already received over two hundred students. The class focuses on “showing people the secret to the game of property preservation,” a field that she entered after retiring from teaching. With her ex-husband she was able to create a landscaping company that eventually blossomed into a multi-million-dollar home development business. In her class she gets intimate with her knowledge of the field, giving her students her personal number and giving “one-on-one” lessons weekly. Even after the class is over, she remains open to helping her former students as they navigate the field of property preservation for themselves. Beyond advice and lessons, Melody’s masterclass actually helps its students to “create an LLC and open a business checking account” where “they actually receive contracts” to begin their careers in property preservation.

Melody is as multifaceted of a celebrity as they get, and with her many careers and endeavors have come many transitions and changes. What is her advice to people who may be going through similar transitions, such as a divorce or starting a new business? “Find time to meditate and keep your spirituality…Find time to enjoy the people who love you… Bring that positive energy your way and stay busy. Continue to strive towards your goals and towards your purpose.”

You can sign up for Melody’s Masterclass here.

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