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Pride Heart and Soul

As many remember, Chris Weaver from NBC's Season 13 The Voice- Singer from Long Island, NY. It's important to highlight his many talents.

One to note would be, Chris's soultry and colorful voice. He knows how to capture audiences with his uplifting vocals. Two of his popular renditions are, "Nina Simone, I put a spell on you," and Otis Redding, "Try a little Tenderness."

What does growing up singing in the church mean to him now that the world had a glimpse into his many talents?

"I'm at a point where, I don't want to take anything for granted. My eyes and heart are opening to other outlets to reach people. When asked in what way? He hinted, Broadway...

Chris's Self expression through drag allows him freedom. He makes sure to do this with consciousness and thought through his song choice.

What many may not know is that Chris is a personable character.

His roots as a worshiper have guided him as he walks through a changing and evolving world.

As many of us prepare to return to a new normalcy, like Chris, we will discover there are new paths ahead.

This new normal can be scary to look ahead to, but if you choose to embrace it and rebuild then it becomes an opportunity to be better.

He shares, 'For me, I love to entertain. If I can have an hour to make people smile and laugh, that is important to me.'

Entertainment during Pride month can be expected due to the well thought out symbols of design and performances presented.

Sponsors can help establish a platform for human rights. When companies can show recognition for the rights of others this greatly benefits profits and customers.

'Once informed of the Pride Rights, the straight community and politicians became understanding that the rights of all are important,'

'When parades started in cities : Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Sao Palo and San Francisco,' the world began to see Pride as rights for humanness.

This year, Chris Weaver will honor Pride month with friends which is his way of maintaining his liberation over the years. Although the celebrations may look different, nonetheless the show will still go on.

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