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The Future Stars 3rd Annual Future Stars Charity Dinner Gala

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Future Stars 3rd Annual Future Stars Charity Dinner Gala Raised $100,000 and Featured Performances from Jordin Sparks & Bella Rabbit

By Devyn Imholt

Eszylfie Taylor and Jordin Sparks

On Wednesday, October 26th, 2022, The Future Stars Basketball Camp held its third annual Charity Dinner Gala. This star-studded event was held in Los Angeles at the Taglyan Cultural Complex. Those in attendance included Carrie Bernans, Nate Parker, Norman Powell, and the camp’s founder, Eszylfie Taylor. The event also featured special performances by recording artists Jordin Sparks and Bella Rabbit. The event was able to raise almost one hundred thousand dollars and the proceeds will go toward the camp’s scholarship funds. The event was sponsored by Allianz, Grandave Capital, KNPRE, Understand the Grind, Quantasy, US Energy, The Power of You, Taylor Insurance & Financial Services, Incentax, Delaware Pacific, and Parsons Real Estate.

The Future Stars Basketball Camp has been running strong for almost nineteen years. It was founded in 2003 by renowned financial guru Eszylfie Taylor, the founder of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services and star of Impact Network’s Mind Body Money. The camp was created in order to provide athletic opportunities for underprivileged youth. A Los Angeles native and former student-athlete, Eszylfie understood the positive impact that a successful athletic camp could potentially have. The organization has continued to grow since its creation, providing scholarships to attend the camp itself as well as educational scholarships to provide academic opportunities.

The event took a lot of hard work and preparation, by Eszylfie, his team, and volunteers alike. When asked about this year’s Gala, Eszylfie explained that “it’s not often that my expectations are exceeded… but they were last Wednesday.” Eszylfie was joined at the event by clients, business associates, friends, family, actors, athletes, influencers, and other philanthropists. According to those in attendance, the positive energy provided by the event was truly contagious. With a beautiful venue and a good cause, those who attended the event were left raving about it.

Eszylfie Taylor and the family of the "Courage Award" winner

Every year, the Gala has an acknowledgment section where people are given a “Courage Award.” This year’s award was given posthumously to Air Tracy, who passed after battling cancer. Air Tracy is the same person whom the Future Stars Air Tracy Scholarship Fund (scholarships given to attend the camp) has been named after. His son, Timothy, was there to accept the ward on his father’s behalf. The previous winners of the “Courage Award” were also in attendance and had high praises to give. Chris Kimbro called the event “a heartfelt, fun-filled night.” Reggie Webb described the Gala as being “held at a beautiful venue…attended by a glittering sand diverse crowd who care enough about kids to support this worthwhile endeavor.” Reggie also added that he is “eternally grateful,” for the Courage Award that he received at a past Gala.

For Eszylfie Taylor, events like this are all about the “perpetuation of legacy.” In the nineteen years since he founded the Future Stars Basketball Camp, he has held fifteen annual charity golf tournaments and three annual charity dinner galas. These events have helped to spread the Future Stars message and to provide opportunities for underserved youth. However, in business and in life, Eszylfie is never satisfied. One of the only troubles to come from an event that went this well: how does one top it for next year’s Gala?

Eszylfie Taylor with two former camp members

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